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Sassique is an international community of fashion enthusiasts who collect and share style inspiration from around the web. We search through social media, fashion magazines, online shops and blogs to find the latest fashion trends.

Members who post trending style content are rewarded with points and greater content visibility. Our members can also create looks and compete in styling competitions.

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The Lookbook

Get inspired by fashion photos and trends.

Add photos to your Lookbook from other shops and blogs with the Snip Button. Spot trends by tagging your photos with trend tags.

The Shopping Catalog

Build your own Catalog of your favorite online fashion products using the Snip Button.

Tag colors and trends to organize. Earn ✭points✭ when we feature your products in our shared Catalog.

The Scrapbook

Create looks in your scrapbook.

Select products from the Catalog and arrange them into looks. Participate in our occasional style competitions.


Sassique awards points for quality trending content. Earn "stars" for top products & looks, and "ribbons" for top scrapbook arrangements.

Your overall profile score will rise among the ranks of our members, and your content will gain more visibility. When you win styling competitions we will promote your profile on social media.

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