Our Cookie Policy

Sassique uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of text that allows a website to recognize your device and maintain a consistent, cohesive experience throughout multiple sessions, and allows us to learn how to improve our website. By using our website Sassique.com you acknowledge our use of cookies.

How does Sassique use cookies?

For guests and registered members:
- To track how many visitors come to our site, how long user sessions last, and which features are most popular
- To track anonymous visitor information such as gender, age range, country
- To identify which campaigns are most effective and which actions reach our goals
- To identify how users reached our site
- To tell us if users have already viewed our data policies
- To identify personal shopping preferences
For registered members only:
- To make it possible for registered members to return to our website without logging in every time
- To improve the user journey for users on our website

How does Sassique NOT use cookies?

- We do not store any personally identifiable information in cookies
- We do not store passwords in cookies
- We currently do not use cookies for advertising or re-marketing purposes

What information is collected on me via cookies?

Any data we collect will generally not include personally identifying information about you. We may collect information about your gender, your country of origin, and your approximate age range via cookies. This is not personal information, and it is collected in a general statistical way, to identify general patterns in website usage. We also collect your preferences such as your wish for the website to "rememeber me" and whether you have viewed our data policies or not. These are highly secure, and encrypted first party cookies from Sassique as well as third party cookies from trusted companies such as Google.

What about third party cookies?

Most of our tracking cookies are third party cookies by tracking products from Google. Sassique contains links to other websites for online shops, blogs, magazines, social media, and other sources. Clicking on these links may lead you to online shops that will potentially put their own cookies on your browser. Sassique is not responsible for cookies from other websites.

How can I restrict cookies?

To remove cookies from Sassique, please go to your browser settings and delete them manually.

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