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Biker Chic
Biker clothing has been entering into our wardrobes for several years. The classic biker jacket is a wardrobe essential. And this season we have seen biker shorts with blazers, a stylish new combination.
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Oversized Jeans
Oversized jeans appeared years ago and never really went out of style. We continue to wear the ripped baggy jeans and shorter variations. Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid never fail to make them trendy.
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Layering has become a trend, as designers like Gucci have inspired style influencers to layer items with different colours, materials and prints to create unusual combinations. Extra points for warmth.
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Platform Shoes

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Chain Bags
The chain bags trend is here to stay. Not only Chanel defined it, but many other iconic brands as well. This season has seen some elegant handbags with massive chains. A chain often adds a touch of glam.
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Bold Colors
Why dress in monochrome when you can wear bold colors? Bright yellow, green, purple, blue, and red with endless combinations. This trend knows no rules, and every season often has a favourite bold color.
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White Sneakers

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Color Pop Bags

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Bucket Bags
The bucket bag trend has been around for some time now, but every season it revives itself. With designers like Louis Vuitton and Mansur Gavriel creating iconic bags, it's hard to resist joining the trend.
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Tall Boots
Tall boots have come back in style over the past winter. Will the trend continue through summer too?
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Cargo Pants

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Tank Tops

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Psychedelic Prints

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Hippie Boho Style
The hippie trend (or bohemian) has long existed and continues to redefine itself every festival season. It's characterised by lacy ruffles, organic cotton, flowing prints, cowboy boots, fringe and layers.
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Square Sunglasses

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During the past year there has been a lot of staying at home. One thing that makes lounging at home more tolerable is being comfortable yet also feeling stylish. And getting rid of those old sweatpants.
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Oversized Bags
As this season has seen pretty much everything oversized, bags are no exception. Maybe oversized bags are the perfect compliment to tiny bags. Also perfect for a weekend, a shopping trip, or the office.
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Puffy Sleeves
How to wear puffy sleeves without looking like a character from the Victorian era? From blouses to jackets and dresses, these sleeves can actually give your look new a level of chic. And here is how.
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Turtleneck used to be another word for ugly ski shirt, but not today. There are so many ways to wear a stylish turtleneck - tight around the neck, loose and bunchy, folded. Add a blazer and done.
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The strapless top or dress is simply timeless. It is feminine and edgy and requires a certain attitude to pull it off. Strapless tops are also great for layering under a blazer or cardigan.
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Pointy Shoes

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That boring cardigan sweater may come out of your closet again this year. A restyling maybe? Here is how to pull off a cardigan look. Wear it off shoulder, over a crop top, or as a layered look.
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Tiny Bags
Fashion is going to extremes as women embrace tiny bags. Designers like Jacquemus and Yuzefi defined the tiny bag as a must have. Style often comes before practicality when your phone doesn't fit inside.
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It is often sexy to hint at what is underneath the clothing. Sequins and lace, sheer materials, layering and unusual cutouts allow designers some freedom with the transparent clothing trend.
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Trench Coats
Trench coats may never go out of style. They are especially big now, with style icons sporting oversized trench coats during fashion week. These coats go with almost anything. Versatile, classy, chic.
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Chunky Jewelry
When it comes to jewelry this season, there is no such thing as subtle. At least for some women. Big gold chains, heavy bracelets, and earrings with several hoops - heavy metal is in style.
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Hair Scarves
One fascinating thing about hair scarves is the number of ways to wear them. Used as a hair tie, a headband, or a classic hair covering, this piece can be both conventional and unconventional.
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Chunky Boots
Chunky boots have been one of the hottest trends lately. They add a bit of edge to any look and a lot of comfort to a long walk. Worn with skirts, shorts, or pants, they add an element of stylish attitude.
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Puffer Coats
The puffer coat is a much loved item in the winter. The comfort and warmth is hard to beat by any other coat, and these coats add a sporty touch to any look. Long or short, they are a wardrobe essential.
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Crop Tops
Crop tops have been in style for a few years as women are more eager to show off their bodies. These little tops look great with a high waisted skirt or a pair of jeans and a jacket. Sporty, edgy, chic.
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Wide Leg Pants
With the skinny jeans trend lasting what seemed like decades, fashion lovers jumped at the chance to wear something more elegant, flowing, and feminine. Short, long, casual or fancy, this trend continues.
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Statement Belts
One of the best ways to jazz up a look is to add a belt. It can be a subtle addition or the main feature of the outfit. Either way, a belt can be a make or break for a look so make a statement or leave it!
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Oversized Blouses

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Shoes With Socks

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Masculine Style
Mannish business looks have been on trend for women lately. Out with boyfriend jeans, in with suits. Oversized pants, blouses, and trench coats, but with a sexy feminine twist that is ever so sleek.
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Leather Coats
There is nothing like a beautiful leather coat to add chic to a look. This season has embraced all sorts of leather clothing, and if you're not ready for leather pants, the coat is a good place to start.
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One Shoulder
Show some skin with one of this season's hottest trends. Whether it is a crop top, a bodysuit or even a sweater, this style can add a touch of edge to your look.
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Cropped Blazers

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Long Skirts
Midi skirts or mini skirts? Many style icons are rocking the long skirt, and find the right combinations to pull it off. If you are in need of inspiration, here is how to embrace the long skirt trend.
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Chic Sunglasses
What sunglasses are in style now? So many different styles of sunglasses from cat eye, octagonal aviator, square sunglasses, micro 80s style, oversize 70s, to athletic sunglasses. Original is chic.
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Skinny Pants
Skinny pants or #WideLegPants? Blessed are those who look great in both. Skinny pants look especially great with a big oversized coat or a baggy sweater which serves as a compliment.
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Are culottes still in style? We think so! These wide ankle pants are chic in summer with sneakers or heels. And also in winter with a pair square toe ankle boots or tall boots. A versatile wardrobe basic.
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Animal Print
The animal trend is massive this year. It is playful yet elegant. Animal print can be in earth tones, in vibrant colors, in abstract forms, or in a classic monochromatic zebra to name just a few examples.
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Long Gloves

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That suit that you wore once to a job interview has been redefined. Suits have been a hot trend for some time now, and blazers have become broader in size and longer. Accessorise the suit for an edgy look.
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Are hats a necessity or a trend? Sometimes both. From fedora hats, beanies, baseball hats, cab hats, to ski hats, the hat is a style defining accessory that keeps you warm and fashionable.
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Sweater Vests
Sweater vests are growing in popularity. It's a somewhat masculine trend that makes sense. Often oversized and worn over a blouse, or worn alone, or as a layering piece, the sweater vest is universal.
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The althleisure trend that once consisted of leggings and athletic shoes has now become massive. A sweatsuit can be worn under a fancy coat and look fabulous. The gym is optional but style is not.
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Huge Scarves
As almost everything seems oversized this season, scarves are no exception. Why leave blankets at home when you can take them with you? Cosy sweater sleeves can also serve the purpose.
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