FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sassique?

Sassique is an international community of fashion enthusiasts who collect and share style inspiration from around the web. Members who post quality style content are rewarded with points, shopping vouchers, and privileges.

Our catalog is for posting clothing and accessories found on other online shops & websites, our lookbook is for posting pictures of looks found on other websites, and our scrapbook is for arranging products. We reward additional points for posting from our growing list of favorite shops.

We also do trend forecasting, market research, street style photography, and design competitions.

What does Sassique mean?

Sassique is the combination of two words: sassy and unique.

1. Distinctively smart, stylish, fashionable, or confident. 2. Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky. 3. Having an attitude that lacks respect for authority

1. Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

What can I use it for?

-  Discover your style
-  Study new trends
-  Participate in our contests and win prizes
-  Create a wishlist of products
-  Arrange fashion products and test out new looks
-  Follow brands and people
-  Promote your style and get noticed
-  Create your own virtual boutique of looks and products
-  Connect with people who love fashion
-  Earn points and get promoted

How can I join?

To join, please sign up here. After receiving an invite code via email, you can register an account and start building your profile.

How does it work?

After creating an account, you can start to build a collection of products and looks. With the Snip Button, you can add things from other websites. Snip clothing and accessories from online stores and add them to your catalog. Snip cool fashion photos from other websites and add them to your lookbook. We like it when you snip content from our list of shops because it means high quality content that is also shoppable.

Tag products and looks according to trends, materials, and colors. Create product collections and looks in your scrapbook easily.

How can I earn points?

You can earn points by getting page views on your profile, or by adding products we like and earning "stars." You can also earn "ribbons" for your scrapbook looks. If you want to know more about what we're looking for, check out our Curation Guidelines.

What are the rules?

The site rules can be found here. Please read them carefully.

How can I earn points?

We have different ways of earning points on Sassique:

Our editors select top products & looks to appear on the main pages of our catalog, and award a "star" for each selected. If the product or look is snipped from our list of favorite shops, 2 stars are awarded.

Page views
We count the number of unique page views that each of your lookbook pictures, catalog items, and scrapbook looks receive. One unique visitor can give you one page view point per day.

The Editors select top scrapbook looks to be featured in our list of featured looks. You will receive a "ribbon" for every page that is chosen from your scrapbook.

How can I lose points?

You can lose points if you not follow our Curation Guidelines. You can also lose points if you do not tag correctly or enter the wrong brands or categories.

Products and lookbook pictures will be marked with a "red dot" if they do not fit our guidelines or are out of stock. You can earn all your "lost" points back by removing the posts marked with a red dot.

What is status?

Status is your membership level that's assigned to you by both community members and Sassique staff.

A Rookie is a new member.

A Curator is a member that has been promoted, after demonstrating the ability to correctly tag looks and products, assign the right brands to products, and follow our Curation Guidelines.

An Editor is a member that has been selected to post in our group catalog and lookbook. Editors can decide who will get promoted, and which products will go into the group catalog. Editors can add unlimited looks and products.

Any tips for earning points and getting promoted?

Here are our suggestions:

1. Follow our Curation Guidelines.
2. Check other profiles and see which products have received a "star."
3. Remove your posts that have a "red dot."
4. Post high quality photos.
5. Post from a variety of sources.
6. Avoid repetition.
7. Share your profile with your friends to get more page views.

How can I install the Snip Button?

You can easily install the Snip Button by dragging a bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar of your web browser. You can find the instructions here.

But where is my bookmarks bar?

If you can't see the bookmarks bar in your web browser, you need to make it visible.

Google Chrome: Select from the top menu "View" -> "Always Show Bookmarks Bar"
Safari: Select from the top menu "View" -> "Show Bookmarks Bar"
Firefox & IE support coming soon!

What is a Lookbook?

A lookbook is a collection of photos of looks for fashion inspiration. The photos are posted (snipped) from our list of shops and may or may not represent items for sale. Please read the site rules regarding the lookbook.

Our group lookbook is divided into three parts: "Editors Picks" and "Recent" and "Most Viewed." The "Editors Picks" page is for looks liked by our Editors, and the "Recent page" is for looks recently posted by all members of our community. Your own personal lookbook is under your profile and contains looks that only you have posted.

How can I tag my photos in the lookbook?

You can tag photos while you snip them to the lookbook. You can change the tags later by going to the page of the photo and click "Edit Details" to change the tags.

Can I tag other people's photos in the lookbook?

No, you can only tag photos that you have added yourself.

What is a Catalog?

A catalog is a collection of products found on the internet. Products in the catalog are grouped into categories and brands, and described by tags. There are two types of catalogs: your own personal catalog and the group catalog. Your personal catalog is under your profile and contains products that only you have found. Regardless of your status, your products will appear in the group catalog if they have been marked with a "star" by our Editors.

How can I add products to my catalog?

To create your own personal catalog of products that you find on other shopping websites, you need to install the Snip Button.

How do I add products from someone else's catalog to my catalog?

You can't. A catalog consists of your own product finds, and we try to prevent having duplicate items. This is why you want to be the first to find cool products! You can still "save" a product so you can find it later, by adding it to your scrapbook.

How can I tag products?

You can tag products and looks while you snip them into your catalog. It is possible to enter more than one tag per product, or enter no tags. Your products are more likely to appear in searches if they are tagged correctly.

If you would like to edit the tags of a product, go to the product details page and click the "Edit Details" button.

How can I remove products?

To delete products from your catalog, go to your personal catalog and click on the item and you should see a pop-up window. Then click "Delete."

What is a scrapbook?

A Scrapbook is a place where you can group and arrange products. Each look in your scrapbook represents a new collection. You can use this feature to create lists of shoes for example, or assemble a summer look, etc. You can create as many looks as you like.

How can I add products to my scrapbook?

First browse products in the catalog. To add a product to your scrapbook, click on an item in the catalog and then select the scrapbook look you would like to add it to.

How can I edit the title and description of my scrapbook looks?

In your profile, select "Scrapbook" from the menu on the right. Then click on the look you would like to edit, and select "Edit" on that look.

What if I don't want people to see my profile or my collections?

This is a social fashion community. So, everything you add is visible to other members. It is not possible to keep a private profile.

What should I do if someone harasses me?

Please contact us immediately and we will block the user that is harassing you.

Why is there no pricing information?

This is a website about fashion inspiration. We thought about including the product prices, but that makes fashion less fun in some respects. If you would like to know pricing information, you can visit the website where the product is originally featured.

Can I buy products on this website?

Yes, you can buy products by clicking on a product in the catalog which will take you to the product details page. If you click "Buy it" then you will be redirected to the website where the product is sold.

Can I join if I'm a guy?

All genders are welcome to join, but products and looks on this website must be for women.

How can I change the background picture on my profile?

Sign in, and from the top menu, select "edit profile" and then scroll down to where it says "Change Background Picture"