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An award for earning the most stars

On the last day of every month, we give our Top Curator Award ($100 ASOS voucher) to the member of our community who earns the most stars during that month. We also recognize the winner across our social channels. Stars are earned by posting quality products & looks from other websites, especially from our list of shops. Our FAQ explains more. See current scores...

An award for the most viewed profile

Coming soon! On the last day of every month, we will give our Most Viewed Profile Award to the member of our community who gets the most views on their profile during that month.

An award for the top styled look

Coming soon! Style looks in your scrapbook and earn our Top Stylist Award... more details to follow.

OUR CONTEST TERMS: Contestants must be 17+ to enter, all countries welcome, where ASOS vouchers are accepted. Open to all genders. Contest ends at midnight on the last day of the month. We will announce the winner & award the prize by the 5th of the following month, communicating via email. The winner is chosen subjectively, by Sassique editors. Contestants must adhere to our general website rules & terms. Contest winners can also enter and win future contests. Sassique is not obliged to award or not award prizes to specific members for any reason. One winner per contest, unless the top two contestants have scores are within 5 points of each other.