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In early modern history, pearls continued to be viewed as a status symbol. Coco Chanel and her iconic 1936 portrait featuring multiple strands. And today they continue to be worn in many ways.
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Polka Dots
Polka dots have been around for centuries, and the name originally comes from the polka dance. It is a timeless print that is most commonly seen in black and white and often ruffled.
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For hundreds of years, stripes have been used in clothing. Vertical stripes can elongate your body and make you appear taller. Stripes are used in many ways and colors, and are a timeless trend.
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Sequins are small disc shaped ornamental pieces made from plastic or colored metal, that are sewn on clothing to create a sparkly texture. Usually worn on special occasions, they make looks appear fancy.
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Velvet is a type of fabric known for its smooth, soft, and shiny quality. This trend comes in and out of style and looks gorgeous in rich, deep colors, or just simple elegant black.
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Ripped jeans, (aka distressed denim) are making a comeback. They're almost a symbol of influencer pop culture. Designers also find ways to add ripped texture to clothing and hems.
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Adding print fashion trends to your core wardrobe is a fun way to keep your look fresh while maintaining your basic style. Prints can add excitement to a look and can be combined well for an awe effect.
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Fashion is still obsessed with quilting according to recent runways. From classic Chanel quilted bags to jackets with diagonal stitched puffy squares, quilting is a fashion standard that makes a statement.
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Tweed, made from wool and wool mixtures, comes in a range of color and weave effects. Today tweed remains a strong part of the Chanel story and is a material for more elegant looks.
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Once considered a fabric for picnic tablecloths, checkered print has not always been trendy. The fabric can still make or break a look, but if worn in the right colours and proportions it can be stunning.
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Denim can hardly be considered a trend since it is practically timeless. The denim styles come and go, with new cuts and colors and styles every season, while the classic blue jeans material remains.
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Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing, as it provides the function of warmth and is a symbol of opulence. Today faux fur has replaced most of the real fur in garments, with more respect for nature.
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Embroidery is an ancient form of needlework that has been used worldwide to embellish textiles for decorative and communicative purposes. And it's used today to add details to an otherwise simple clothing.
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Lace has played a role in fashionable dress ever since it was developed in the sixteenth century. Now it is a versatile fashion fabric, often used in lingerie, bridal wear, and evening wear.
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Suede is a high quality form of leather, made from the underside of the animal hide. It is a rather delicate material, and used to make jackets, skirts, shoes and bags.
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With a rich history that goes back beyond Scottish Highlander kilts, plaid is a heritage pattern that seems to be timeless. Every season plaid items emerge in different colors and forms.
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Tie Dye
Tie Dye is a hand method of producing patterns in textiles by tying portions of the fabric so that they will not absorb the dye. Once considered retro, it's now just a kind of timeless summer chic.
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Fuzzy clothing makes the winter much cosier, as it gives an immediate impression of warmth and soft comfort. Designers have given jackets, sweaters, and all sorts of other items a coat of faux fur.
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Studs are reminiscent of grunge rock, heavy metal, and maybe the 1980's biker looks. Often used on leather jackets, shoes, and bags, these tiny metal pieces can give a rocker edge, or just sophistication.
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Leather Clothing
Leather has been the rage lately but not just for the typical jackets, shoes, and bags. We are seeing more leather pants, shorts, shirts, and even dresses, in many different cuts and colors.
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Chains are a versatile fashion accessory that seem to never go out of style. Whether worn around the neck or as a handbag strap, the chain gives a certain weight to an otherwise ordinary look.
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Plastics are woven into the fashion world and are behind many of the latest trends, hottest styles and innovative clothing designs. Coats, skirts, shoes, and bags can be found in shiny plastic material.
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Zippers are often used as the main feature in a piece of clothing. They have gone far beyond their essential functionality and are used to add a bit of edge to rock up a look.
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Silk and Satin
The material can make or break a design, and in the case of materials like silk and satin, clothing designs are given a graceful flow with the sheer shiny quality of the fabric. Material is a statement.
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As feathers entered popular fashion trends during the Middle Ages, the accessory carried its significance as a clothing item that indicated social importance. Feathers still make a bold statement today.
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Mesh is a slinky material that is often used in athletic clothing with the purpose of being sweat resistant. There are many different kinds of mesh, which make their way into fashion in unusual ways.
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The buckle or clasp is a device used for fastening two loose ends, and most often is used for only that. But we have seen this chunky metal piece make a statement when it is used in unusual ways.
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Ruffle is a decorative frill of lace or gathered ornamentation of fabric that began in Germany during the 15th century. Used every season in clothing in different ways, ruffles are very versatile.
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Pleats are a fold or doubling of fabric that is pressed, ironed or creased into place. They can add a flow to a long skirt, or details to other areas of certain clothing items.
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Fringe is a decorative border of hanging threads left loose or formed into tassels, used to edge clothing. Leather jackets, dresses, bags, almost any kind of clothing can be embellished with fringe.
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