Curation Guidelines
  Frequently asked questions about becoming a Sassique Curator or Influencer

What is important regarding content I post?

1. Concept - Sassique features women's fashion content that is recent. The Lookbook is for photos of people, the Catalog is for products. Catalog pictures must be on a white background and not worn by people.
2. Trend Spotting - we love fashion styles that are trending across social media, fashion magazines or blogs, or online shops
3. Unusual Content - we love brands we never heard of, or looks we've never seen before
4. Appropriate Content (Lookbook) - we avoid content that is overly sexual or contains nudity or political statements or is otherwise offensive
5. Affordable Content (Catalog) - we are neither a "luxury" nor a "budget" website. While there are often exceptions, our preferred price range for clothing items and accessories is around $20 - $350 (USD), and coats and handbags should be under $1200. We do welcome a mix of diverse styles and prices, and we admire designer clothing, but style does not always need to be expensive.
6. Original Sources - it must be clear where photos originally came from. Please post from sites where the original photo source is known (webshops, Instagram, Vogue, etc) and avoid websites where photos have been reposted many times (Pinterest, Tumblr etc). Products should link to the actual product page on the webshop where they can be bought, and not to a general webshop page.

What about tagging?

Tagging is very important and influences how websites like Google find our content. Please tag only the obvious trends of the photo. Do not tag every color! If you would say "that's an orange look" then tag #Orange, otherwise do not tag the color at all.

For any questions regarding content, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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