Curation Guidelines
Frequently asked questions about becoming a Sassique Curator

Which photos should I post?

1. The lookbook is for people, catalog is for products. Catalog pictures must be on a white background and not worn by people.
2. High quality photos only. It's not just about fashion, it is also about the quality of the photo. No photos that are overexposed, blurry, too dark. The product pictures for the catalog should not be too small.
3. Good Arrangement Your lookbook is like a photo collage and should have a variety of different poses & backgrounds. Avoid repetition.
4. Variety of Sources Photos should never all come from the same shop. Be diverse and pick from many shops.
5. Recent Photos & products should be recent, in stock, etc. If the #Plaid or #Military trend is over, we stop posting it.
6. No duplicates If someone already posted the look or product, we don't repost it. Duplicates will be deleted.
7. No multi-photos No photos that contain 2 photos pasted together.
8. No writing Photos should not contain writing!

How should I tag photos?

Tagging properly is really important. Some tips:
1. Pick *one* color tag maximum two colors. #White should be for looks that are mainly white, for example. #Pink for looks with a big pink coat etc. Otherwise, use #Multicolor if there are lots of colors.
2. Know your trends. #WearableArt is not artistic fashion. It is for clothes that have a pop-art/photographic/picasso etc print.
3. #Bohemian is for aztec, tie dye, ikat, indian, tribal, hippie stuff etc...
4. #Leather is for is for looks with leather clothing, not looks with leather bags.
5. #SportyChic is for is for looks with sneakers/trainers, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, athletic trousers, baseball hats, and anything mesh
6. If you tag #Denim you don't tag #Blue.

What is Sassique's Style?

Who is our Sassique Mademoiselle, anyway? She could be anyone. She is sassy, unique, and tres chic. She looks like a million bucks, but her wardrobe is not worth that. She shops in all price ranges, and doesn't dress to impress. She dresses for herself, because she loves fashion.

Where is our Sassique Mademoiselle? She could be anywhere. She could be loafing around the shops of Montreal or Berlin in a vintage velvet blazer. She could be in Tokyo in a fabulous two piece ensemble with bold colors or artistic prints. She could be clacking down the streets of Manhattan in a grungy pair of ripped jeans, H&M embroidered crop top, motorcycle jacket, and Jimmy Choo heels. Or sipping a milkshake at an iconic LA diner in a pastel 60s dress, and a pair of bright colored funky shoes.

One day she is bohemian with big jewelry and a tribal top, the next day she is in minimalistic monochrome. Today she is boyish, tomorrow she's ultra feminine. The next day she's classic, and the day after that, ultra modern. Not to mention that she mixes and matches everything on a regular basis.