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Q: Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
A: I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Maryland, USA, right outside of Baltimore. I still live here, as I finish school up.

Q: What have you studied, and what are you doing now?
A:As I'm 17, I'm finishing up high school now, then going on to study Animal Behavior in college. Exciting right?

Q: Links to your style networks?

Q: How would you describe your personal style in 3-5 words?
A:I would describe my style as versatile, relaxed, edgy, yet elegant. If that makes any sense?

Q: Where do you shop? Luxury or high street? New or vintage? Boutiques? Online?
A:Once and awhile I'll shop online if I know my size but it's typically in person. One of my favorite stores is a boutique in historic Ellicot City, Maryland. It reminds me of laid back and less glorified Urban Outfitters. I wish I could afford luxury. (hopefully one day) I also love shopping vintage but it is usually new clothing in my closet.

Q: If you had $300 for a shopping spree, how many items would you buy?
A:If I had $300 just to spend, I probably would splurge and treat myself since I never usually do that. I've never owned a designer product unless is was from Marshalls or TJMaxx. I've always just wanted to walk into Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus and buy a Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Q: Do you prefer street style fashion or runway fashion?
A: I tend to wear street style fashion but I do appreciate runway fashion.

Q: What do you splurge on? Skimp on?
A:I splurge on shoes, I probably own more shoes than pants. I skimp on accessories. I don't own any expensive bags, jewelry, etc.

Q: When and how did you become interested in fashion, and where do you find your inspiration?
A: Honestly, I don't know where my interest and love for fashion began. My parents hate shopping and my mom was a tomboy when she was growing up. It was probably indirectly from my grandfather who passed when I was 3. My parents always compare my shopping habits to his. He always made a reason as to why he needed an item. When Tyson's Corner originally opened in Virginia, he drove all the way there for the grand opening.

Q: Who are your favorite style icon(s)?
A: I really adore Nina Dobrev's red carpet style, she's always rocking my favorite designer, Zuhair Murad. For street style, I adore Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner (She's the one with clothes on).

Q: What are your favorite fashion blogs? Magazines?
A: I love the Lust for Life blog. If I can cheat, I really love beauty vloggers on YouTube. I highly recommend Clothes Encounters or Vagabond Youth, Jenn's and Amy's street style are two of my favorites. Another favorite is Tess Christine, I always look forward to her Look For Less videos. I just adore her style advice and look books. As for magazine's, I am always reaching for Nylon.

Q: What do you love about fashion? Not love?
A: I love fashion for what it is, a way to express your personality without conversation. You can truly tell a lot from a person by how they present themselves. I don't love the guidelines some people think there should be. Fashion shouldn't have any rules, no matter what Heidi Klum has to say.

Q: Your favorite designers & brands?
A: As mentioned before, I love Rebecca Minkoff and Zuhair Murad. Another designer I adore is Elie Saab. Her fashions are so elegant and feminine. As complete contrast though, my favorite brand is Rag and Bone and Frye for bags and shoes.

Q: Do you follow fashion trends? Which ones?
A: I try to not follow fashion trends and just go with what "speaks" to me but it's usually inevitable to like what you see on television or the blogs and go out to purchase that as well.

Q: Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?
A: When I put an outfit together I always make sure I never mix tight tops and bottom or loose tops and bottoms. It's either one or the other or you can look sloppy or unable to move. I also don't tend to like the mixed pattern trend happening so I make sure I usually have one bold piece at a time for a balance.

Q: Which would you be best at? Worst at? (Stylist, Designer, Photographer, Buyer)
A: I would be best as a buyer or stylist. I love helping people choose outfits for their body types and for specific events when friends ask. I would be horrible at being a designer. Originality and imagination is not my forte.

Q: What is your dream job?
A: This probably would never happen, as the business is hard to get into, but I adore interior design and homes. When I was little I wanted to be an architect but there is this thing called math, which hates me.

Q: What are your other interests? How do you spend your spare time?
A: On top of fashion, I have a strong love for cosmetics and experimenting with new looks. My other interests are sketching and art as well as music. I'm always on the blogs and sound cloud or spotify looking for new music to listen to.

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