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Q: Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
A: I grew up in a small village in Wales but have lived in Cardiff for the past 15 years.

Q: What have you studied, and what are you doing now?
A: I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was younger so fell into sales at an early age. I now work in Recruitment and have done for the past 10 years.

Q: Links to your style networks?
A: Feel free to follow me on Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter and check out my blog!

Q: How would you describe your personal style in 3-5 words?
A: Minimal, sophisticated, classy where comfort is key most of the time except for nights out when I like to glam it up!

Q: Where do you shop? Luxury or high street? New or vintage? Boutiques? Online?
A: Bit of both, I love designer brands for accessories but other than that Zara, Allsaints and H&M are regular haunts of mine!

Q: If you had $300 for a shopping spree, how many items would you buy?
A: One

Q: Do you prefer street style fashion or runway fashion?
A: A mix of both

Q: What do you splurge on? Skimp on?
A: Splurge on shoes and bags, jeans and good quality classic pieces. Skimp on 'trends'

Q: When and how did you become interested in fashion, and where do you find your inspiration?
A: I used to read magazines a lot from an early age and be very influenced by celebrities who dress well (Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Palermo etc) but now I read a lot of blogs and I find a lot of inspiration from Instagram.

Q: Who are your favorite style icon(s)?
A: Victoria Beckham, Millie Mackintosh, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Aniston

Q: What are your favorite fashion blogs? Magazines?
A: www.buynowbloglater.com and to be honest I rarely read magazines now.

Q: What do you love about fashion? Not love?
A: Putting together different looks depending on mood / occasion. I don't like some of the more off the wall trends.

Q: Your favorite designers & brands?
A: Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, J Brand, Zara, H&M

Q: Do you follow fashion trends? Which ones?
A: I try to incorporate bits of fashion trends into my simplistic style.

Q: Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?
A: Not too much colour!

Q: Which would you be best at? Worst at? (Stylist, Designer, Photographer, Buyer)
A: Best at Stylist worst at Designer

Q: What is your dream job?
A: Stylist or fashion journalist

Q: What are your other interests? How do you spend your spare time?
A: I cook quite a bit, go to the gym and write my blog for fun.

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