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Q: Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
A: New York City

Q: What have you studied, and what are you doing now?
A: I'm an Africana Studies major and English minor. I'm interested in journalism, pop culture, fashion and music!

Q: Links to your style networks?

Q: How would you describe your personal style in 3-5 words?
A: Feminine. Classic. Comfortable. Chic. Adaptable.

Q: Where do you shop? Luxury or high street? New or vintage? Boutiques? Online?
A: I like to shop at a variety of places. But having a budget is important to me as a college student. I mostly shop online and love stores such as: forever 21, h&m, boohoo, nastygal, asos, gojane, gstagelove and more.

Q: If you had $300 for a shopping spree, how many items would you buy?
A: I would allot about $200 on shopping if I could and would try to buy key pieces that I could wear more than once. I would also try to find a piece that is high quality and sustainable so that it would last a long time.

Q: Do you prefer street style fashion or runway fashion?
A: Both. Runway fashion is alluring and dramatic. It definitely appeals to the "girlish" side of me. Street Style is more authentic, fun, sometimes daring, and practical.

Q: What do you splurge on? Skimp on?
A: I skimp on jewelry and other accessories. I buy jewelry and accessories cheap because I'm prone to lose them. I splurge on dresses or jeans, things that I wear often or for special occasions.

Q: When and how did you become interested in fashion, and where do you find your inspiration?
A: I've been interested in fashion since elementary school. I was keenly aware that I looked different than my classmates and wanted to find my own sense of comfort and confidence through clothing. I strengthened that passion by going to high school for art and fashion.

Q: Who are your favorite style icon(s)?
A: Rihanna. Solange. Miroslava Duma.

Q: What are your favorite fashion blogs? Magazines?
A: There are too many fashion blogs to name, but I enjoy Gabi Gregg of Gabifresh and any tumblr I may find appealing. My favorite magazines are Essence and Vogue.

Q: What do you love about fashion? Not love?
A: I love that people are encouraged to break the rules and embrace their differences which make them unique. I dislike the lack of diversity, the blatant disrespect, the laziness the comes along with ignorance and the failure to truly be inclusive of all backgrounds including race, class, and sexuality.

Q: Your favorite designers & brands?
A: Zac Posen, Zuhair Murad, Public School, and Jason Wu are just a few.

Q: Do you follow fashion trends? Which ones?
A: I'm a fan of distressed denim, denim on denim and all black everything.

Q: Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?
A: Comfort is key. The more comfortable I am, the more confident I will be.

Q: Which would you be best at? Worst at? (Stylist, Designer, Photographer, Buyer)
A: Best: Designer
Worst: Photographer

Q: What is your dream job?
A: Magazine journalism. Styling. Working in the fashion closets and making runs to pick up clothes.

Q: What are your other interests? How do you spend your spare time?
A: I love writing, reading, baking and trying new restaurants. I would also love to travel in the future.

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