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Q: Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
A: Patras, Greece

Q: What have you studied, and what are you doing now?
A:I'm in university studying chemistry

Q: Links to your style networks?

Q: How would you describe your personal style in 3-5 words?
A: No idea:-/

Q: Where do you shop? Luxury or high street? New or vintage? Boutiques? Online?
A: Wish I could afford luxury (lol) but high street, new and both boutiques and online (even though I kind of prefer actually going to the stores because who does't love shopping)

Q: If you had $300 for a shopping spree, how many items would you buy?
A: Probably 4 or 5

Q: Do you prefer street style fashion or runway fashion?
A: Both but if I had to chose probably runway fashion

Q: What do you splurge on? Skimp on?
A: Sephora

Q: When and how did you become interested in fashion, and where do you find your inspiration?
A: I guess I have always been interested in fashion or as long as I remember myself anyway but I mostly got into it, especially runway fashion and luxury brands, when I joined tumblr when I was around 12 or 13. And tumblr is also where I get my inspiration from

Q: Who are your favorite style icon(s)?
A: I always love what Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

Q: What are your favorite fashion blogs? Magazines?
A: Vogue. Of course! Always!

Q: What do you love about fashion? Not love?
A: I love being able to express myself through my clothes and the freedom that fashion can give you. Nothing negative to say I guess

Q: Your favorite designers & brands?
A: Balmain!! And I also love Karl Lagerfeld

Q: Do you follow fashion trends? Which ones?
A: I always like to stay informed about what is trendy and in fashion at the moment, which is why I love fashion magazines and watching fashion shows, but only follow the trends that suit and express me

Q: Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?
A: The only rule is no rules

Q: Which would you be best at? Worst at? (Stylist, Designer, Photographer, Buyer)
A: Best at; definitely buyer and designing is something that I've always wanted to try. Worst at; I think photographer.

Q: What is your dream job?
A: Modeling and acting are my biggest dreams

Q: What are your other interests? How do you spend your spare time?
A: I love music and drawing/painting. I also enjoy reading books

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