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Hello everybody. My name is Vina Grace but you can call me Vina for short. I grow up and live in Cebu City in the Philippines. I'm 22 years old. I studied Information Technology and I'm currently a programmer with the love of fashion. I love to be around people and getting to know and meeting new ones. I have a lot of different group of friends which I cherish but sometimes I also like going on my own. One of my hobby is going to the mall either with a friend, my sister or just me. I love shopping at boutiques and also online. My current favorite site is Zalora because they have a lot of affordable clothing and it's one of the famous online shop here in my country.

When it comes to my personal style I think I can describe it as Classy, Comfort and Chic. You can never go wrong with being classy. Most people always has the impression of me as classy because I always seem to be calm and collected but I honestly think it depends on what you're wearing. It will always makes me feel god and confident if I like what I'm wearing and if I'm comfortable with it. This is where the comfort came in. I think it's one of the most important thing when it comes to fashion as a personal opinion. When you feel comfortable with what you are wearing then you'll know that you;ll be happy for the rest of your day.

I got interested in fashion when I joined tumblr around 8 years ago I think, also when I started watching Gossip Girl which I mostly found all my inspiration there. And when I was young I always feel good when I dress up well. Tumblr I think gives me a lot of inspiration with my style. And you can always be updated when you're on tumblr. Everything new is found there, which makes it the perfect place to be updated with fashion. I love street style fashion. I've been following a lot of tumblr blogs that covers street style and it amazes me. It just looks so sexy and chic and fun. You can wear whatever you want. It's your world and no one can tell you otherwise.

What I love about fashion is how you can express yourself through it and feel good at the same time. This is another form of self expression and everyone should have the right. One thing that I don't like about fashion are some of the people inside it, how they put standards with it to everyone. People seems to always makes rules when in fact in my opinion fashion should not have any rules. Everybody should express themselves through fashion in anyway they wanted to. And I think in that way, that's how fashion can cater everyone and make everybody happy.

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